1. it wasn’t that hard to come home. the hotel room was beautiful and we had an intense dinnertime discussion about how some people really are “cruisin’ for a bruisin’”—an unfortunate, but important, phrase from both of our childhoods—but our apartment has three different wallpapers in three different rooms and a full and regularly replenished bar and a steinway piano: something i haven’t lived with since college, where we had steinways in every dorm, which was a focal point of my campus tours, though i’ve never played a piano or any instrument. last night we ate at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants and tonight marc came home and poured us each a glass of cote de provence and marveled at cooking pasta in the new kitchen, as i had marveled at taking a shower in the new master bathroom, with its recently-installed heated floor. marc wants to know if most couples spend 95% of their time with each other, plus maybe two or three friends, but i really don’t know. we are supposed to try to get pregnant in the fall, so enough of our conversations now have to do with whether i’ll even be able to drink champagne when we go to LA for a conference or to dallas to see katy perry with marc’s niece. is the babymoon in st. lucia? we’re only kidding about the word. 


    1. m: do you feel bad that you didn't go to as famous of a mental institution?
    2. kj: yes.
    3. m: but what's cool about yours is that it's right there.
    4. it's right around the corner.
    5. if it weren't for what happened you would probably be having our baby there.
    6. kj: no way. you already talked me into the fancy hospital.
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    McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts (model for the private mental hospital in New England with its houses Belsize, Caplan, and Wymark), where Sylvia Plath recovered after her suicide attempt in 1953.

    Famous patients: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Robert Lowell, John Nash, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Zelda Fitzgerald, Susanna Kaysen, David Foster Wallace, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Steven Tyler, Marianne Faithfull (see full list here).

    Further reading: Gracefully Insane:The Rise and Fall of America’s Premier Mental Hospital by Alex Beam

    For Peter K. Steinberg reading The Bell Jar at McLean, go here. ;)

    frederick law olmstead, who chose mcclean’s manicured grounds and was a patient there himself, was also the landscape architect for vassar, which i find pleasant. 

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    Karl Marx | Capital Vol. 1

    Cf. :f

    forever triangulated. 


  4. "sitting with the loss of the world requires a supple affective infrastructure, or a religion, which i reject, as i prefer not to be triangulated. if you’re a kind of thing whose lack of fit is endemic, if you sense that the bad life is impersonal and political while also overclose, it structures living as organically as anything about you, such as having had the trunk of your own body your whole life, stretching, bloating, twisting, holding you up, taking blows, manufacturing joys in the cracks, and being outlined by fabric that discloses so little that nakedness is always jolting."
    — lauren berlant, “what is forgetting?” (via aimeelouisewall)
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    god bless

    everyone’s liking and reblogging this again which reminded me that I need it here, as a reminder.

    reblogging as someone who is always told i take things personally and also that i don’t take things personally. (the friend who said everyone i think is cute looks like a piece of garbage on the street said that before i emailed him a picture of marc, who he praised for his “pillowy lips.”) (“they study facts.”) 

  6. i appear to be the only person at this pool.

  7. —fred moten and stefano harvey, the undercommons: fugitive planning and black study

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  8. —fred moten and stefano harvey, the undercommons: fugitive planning and black study

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    renata adler, speedboat