1. i knew my new dermatologist has a lot of celebrity clients, but i didn’t expect to see him when we got on the hertz shuttle at LAX.


    1. kj: i read in a fashion magazine on the plane that you shouldn't wear heels ("even wedges") at the beach so #movement work.
    2. lg: those rules are not meant for you.
  2. as a beloved acquaintance once said to me: “not to be creepy but seeing as how we have been internet-friends for ages i have seen you smiling next to other boys and not that i’m the boss or anything but i like this smile best. i’m happy for you. :)”


  3. restylane bruising in paradise. 

  6. —nora ephron, wallflower at the orgy 

  7. —nora ephron, wallflower at the party 

  8. —nora ephron, wallflower at the orgy 

  9. wallflower at the orgy (by nora ephron)