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    Shirley Jackson | The Haunting of Hill House

  3. "as i recall, i know you love to show off/but i never thought that you would take it this far/what do I know?"—kanye west, "flashing lights" 


  4. "is it because women want to make use of what is personal for them — to make it matter? to give the personal they’ve been confined and restricted to real currency and value?"
    — masha tupitsyn, "a sentimental education"

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    Gillian Flynn | Gone Girl

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    Laura Mullen | Love (Opacus) | Dark Archive

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  8. "she’s taking her time. she’s having a nice life."
    — barbara browning (through the grapevine) on me

  9. "enjoy: that’s a marxist imperative."
    — barbara browning, “having one’s cake and eating it too,” at the living labor conference 

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    What’s missing? I catch a lot of shit because I don’t buy it. I felt like a broken record when I talked to anyone about teaching a 5/4 load. There goes the guy who teaches a 5/4 load haha, but I mean, really, it’s hilarious to remember the faces made by folks at a conference on labor when they were confronted by actual labor politics. But, like, that’s exactly what I think asymptomaticbanana was trying to get at. Something is missing. The vacuum is real. The vacuum of reality? Let’s not try to theorize our way out of everything. Forget the cul-de-sac—it looks more like a hula hoop to me.

    i’m going to let most of this post go, but i will say: i love the idea of hula-hooping as a feminist method and if my face registered horror and sympathy when you told me about your teaching load it’s because that’s what i thought you wanted: affective labor definitely counts as “actual labor politics” at an explicitly queer and feminist conference and, come on, i saw you making a bunch of us put in way too much work at a party we were all too nice to call you on crashing. 

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