1. labsinthe:

    "L.A. Portfolio" photographed by Steven Klein for L’Uomo Vogue 2006

    i saw this photo on tumblr and understood that our pool furniture was perfect already.

  2. lelaid:

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt by Steven Klein for W, July 2005

    sometimes, when i’m considering buying a dress and it seems a little too—conservative? domestic? skirted?— i think about whether angelina jolie would wear it in this story (which is, helpfully, called “domestic bliss”). if the answer is yes—the sleeveless printed fit-and-flare (an unfortunate descriptor we didn’t used to use) i wore the day we got our volvo—then i can overcome my ambivalence.

    the room in these photos has a similar vibe to our house’s cathedral ceilinged room. opposite the glass doors that look out onto the pool we have a stone wall: gray slate on top, then some sort of glittery white bricks, with the fireplace set in, on the bottom. a rectangular window on each side. 

    many artists have moved to this neighborhood for the light, and the sunset this evening was stunning—yellow in the front yard, purple in the back—but who knew i could be mesmerized by a wall? the floors in the showers are so beautiful i don’t know how the guy before—a gym owner in new jersey, not steven klein—knew to buy them. he did go to f.i.t.    


  3. we’re in the hamptons. i had forgotten, until recent tumblr backreading, that marc promised—before we even shared an apartment—a room with a cathedral ceiling where i can do my radical feminist tumblring, which we now have, though i might actually post a lot of pictures related to amalle’s “fashion and power” class, or the lucite table i want to buy: this might be a long weekend of fashion and furniture porn. the table is for the room with the cathedral ceiling, which has windows on both sides: out back you can see the brilliantly blue pool and out front, beyond the fireplace, you can see the woods.

    speaking of: i came home from the trigger warnings talk, and dinner and drinks with marc and josh, and stayed up until 5 AM tumblring my notes and listening to the new taylor song. i keep trying to quit her, but she makes all my attempts at feeling like an adult impossible. “out of the woods” is the sonic equivalent of that performance of “you’re not sorry" she smiled through a few years ago. how does she get a three minute pop song with minimal words to do so many things at once? i don’t want to hear another platitude about girl power or see another chunky-heeled shoe or watch her continue to gather her protective coven (it is impossible to believe that she really likes all of her new, heavily photographed girl friends), but the PR machine is part of her brilliance and i’ll accept the trade-off if i get complicated anxiety anthems like this. 

    but back to the house. we were here two weeks ago today to close and were excited that the seller had left the wi-fi on. while the lawyers and brokers and marc were trading papers alan was like “if he’s this excited about the wi-fi, i can only imagine how excited he was about the marriage.” yes, and the house, too, for both of us. i’ve been living in apartments for almost twenty years and, as marc recently reminded me, when we met i didn’t own any glasses, just some red plastic cups. 

    alan also asked marc, after a wedding, then a house, what is he planning on doing as an encore? i’m pretty happy with the joint credit card and checking account and new high-quality health insurance—dental, vision, months-long paternity leave for marc—though i have had many good experiences at nyu’s underrated women’s health center. 

  4. lisa duggan said that she developed a preference for drawing violence out rather than waiting for an eruption; i know this method. she also said she once had a therapist say “you do realize this isn’t really funny, don’t you?

    ann talked about needing to rethink “feelings are facts” (she didn’t reference yvonne rainer or kanye west, but we could, since the thing that is factual about feelings is that you had them, not that they can be interpreted in a particular way) and the intellectual, political, and ethical importance of becoming other to oneself.  

    tavia opened and closed with taylor, with a frank ocean interlude, and their very different models of resilience, which could be triggering for me (google it). he also discussed the speed at which meaning accumulates, via berardi, who he introduced me to and who we have now talked about on several occasions. some meanings take time.  

    the lovely clinician, who i will identify by name momentarily, noted that trauma comes with jouissance (#erotics of trauma). and that, per melanie klein, the more you have been traumatized the more you look for and believe in the perfect object. 

    she—or someone else—said that trigger warnings have a history: for a new generation to come out they need to kill their parents. and parents need to let themselves be killed.

    there was a lot of debate about this. the only thing i’m sure of is that this was just what i was discussing with my therapist hours earlier. and i agreed: kill me. i have been ready for adulthood since i was a kid. 

  5. karaj:

    helmut newton obviously did not know or care about feminist disability studies and neither did i when i loved this picture in 1995. now it reminds me of the time i almost got in an accident pulling out of the chateau marmont exactly where newton got in his crash. so many layers! also: lady gaga paparazzi. its sort of like if the nadja aumerann character took revenge.



    Helmut Newton, Vogue February 1995

    laia and i have discussed this image’s hold over our imaginations—twenty years later we both still have tear outs from the print magazine—in multiple emails, though i don’t think i even knew her IRL when i first reblogged this. the story is sometimes referenced as “the empowered woman” but it looks to me, so far, like it’s called “high and mighty.” more research required. it also features nadja being wheeled around in five inch (at least) stilettos, and later carried around by a man in same. there’s so much going on here it could take a lot of time, and reading of crip theory, to think about.   

  6. stevenmiesel:


    Iselin Steiro by Steven Meisel

    where does one start thinking about what to teach for a class on “fashion and power?” probably with steven meisel and helmut newton. “state of emergency”: sure. “you look at me like an emergency” (“trying to talk with a man,” adrienne rich). it’s not all there, but it’s not untrue. 


  7. "the real question was whether there was anything to become—and how."

  8. "I write a reader’s diary because reading is writing too. I don’t like talking all the time. This September I didn’t talk — write — very much at all but I read a lot, in the same pell-mell omnivorous way I listened to music as a teenager. It was a gift and a relief, feeling that way again. It was like I stopped believing in magic then revved back up.

    It is important, to me, that a reader’s diary not just be about what’s new, or books, because reader’s diaries are about marking time but also, magical thinking. They are about believing that stories can help you figure out your great life. Help me figure out mine.

    This September was the first month I lived in Denver for real. I read Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood aloud to myself when I couldn’t sleep. I read charts for high-altitude baking and burned the potatoes anyway. I read Kara Jesella’s wedding posts on her Tumblr and wrote her to say I love you. I re-read the final essay in Vivian Gornick’s The End of the Novel of Love because I know it’s important to me but don’t know why yet. I re-read Tina Brown Celona’s Snip! Snip! because it is great. I read Mathias Svalina’s new book Wastoid and Lise Haller Baggesen’s first book Mothernism and Cedar Sigo’s old book Selected Writings, which is on the shelf at Counterpath but sold out from other places. I re-read my favorite poem in Sommer Browning’s Backup Singers, which is about driving through lightning. I read new friends’ old books and if I loved them I said so, which is important.”

    —mairead case, “how to burn potatoes at high altitude,” bookslut 

    i am honored for mairead to have written about my tumblr wedding posts, for them to be mentioned alongside a vivian gornick essay, and to have gotten her “i love you” email, not to mention an actual congratulatory card in the actual mail. i wrote her back—not today, before this—to tell her i love her, too.  

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  9. "but what if you take a metaphor so far that it assumes the intensification of power—changes things in the world—becomes performative."

    barbara browning on zora neale hurston in fetish class, 2009  (via karaj)

    yes, or also a hashtag. 


  10. the only way to respond to a decadent crisis is with decadence


    homeopathy works.