1. inappropriate easter, bermuda, 2014


    1. kj: "elegant" is your favorite word.
    2. m: i love elegance. don't you?
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    Shirley Jackson | The Haunting of Hill House

  4. "as i recall, i know you love to show off/but i never thought that you would take it this far/what do I know?"—kanye west, "flashing lights" 


  5. "is it because women want to make use of what is personal for them — to make it matter? to give the personal they’ve been confined and restricted to real currency and value?"
    — masha tupitsyn, "a sentimental education"

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    Gillian Flynn | Gone Girl

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    Laura Mullen | Love (Opacus) | Dark Archive

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  9. "she’s taking her time. she’s having a nice life."
    — barbara browning (through the grapevine) on me