2. lelaid:

    Jerry Hall by Antonio Lopez

    this is actually exactly the perfect look for saturday night drinks and dinner with our families, although i am not jerry hall, this is not that decade, and if i wore real fur someone would throw paint on me (actually, where we are going, no one would throw paint on me). the reference i actually the sent the makeup artist was a more subdued, more 2014, more beauty blog (not that i don’t like beauty blogs) version of this. alas. i still expect my hair will be up and my eye shadow will be more straight-up (but perhaps still bronze-y?) smoky eye and the orange lips should be orangier, not redder. but i’m definitely showing this perfect image to the beauty team. it’s my job to come up with references; it’s their job to make my ideas realistic. kind of realistic. i just want them to keep a little bit of the crazy in the pretty.  


  3. mashatupitsyn:

    On Anxiety and ethics:

    Kierkegaard stating “Whoever has learned to be anxious in the right way has learned the ultimate…It is an adventure that every human being has to live through, learning to be anxious so as not to be ruined either by never having been in anxiety or by sinking into it” is what Avital Ronell means when she says that anxiety is the mode of ethicity par excellence.

    i opened therapy yesterday by saying “i’m extremely anxious. but i haven’t been taking it out on anybody.” on the cab ride home, after i had tipped him 25%, the driver kept thanking me for being patient about the traffic. i was happy to just stare out the window, though. when i told my therapist i was anxious last week she said “it’s probably because you got your dream and you’re afraid someone will spoil it.” anyway, i’ve got some tougher negotiations today. 

  4. will, our witness—pictured here something like 14 years ago, but equally attractive now—is my oldest friend, by which i mean we met at the beginning of our freshman year of college. i have seen him sing “father figure,” a cappella, while wearing a pope hat; he knew me when i wore green pajama pants and rubber boots, regularly, to class. we lived in the same dorm and he used to knock on the door of my room, junior year, while i was in bed on a beautiful sunny day, and yell “kara, i can see you!” there was a long crack in that door. i would turn over and pretend not to hear him.  

    we were both vassar tour guides, and spent two summers together bored out of our minds in poughkeepsie. highlights included chain-smoking marlboro lights; buying the cyndi lauper “best of” album the day it launched at the galleria mall; and getting drunk and tucking him into bed so he could call j. crew and wantonly order from the catalog. one time i told him he should drive us to nearby new paltz, where there were “lots of men’s clothing stores,” even though there were no men’s clothing stores and i just wanted to go shopping. he’s still a little mad. 

    we worked together, briefly, just-out-of-college in LA. he’d get to the office, i’d be already there and a bitch, then he’d go get me a starbucks grande cappuccino and we would move on. i complained that i couldn’t meet people in that city, so he agreed to go to some bar i read in the local magazine was the hippest new bar. we were standing outside as guys paraded by, saying “i love your outfit” (low-cut paul and joe sleeveless, ruched pink top) and “i love your shoes” (black patent leather and white fake pony fur anna sui kitten heels). that’s when i realized we were at a gay bar. 

    will still lives in LA, where he is a movie publicist, and friends with celebrities that he is too discreet to discuss with me. i moved back to new york to work in magazines. marc and i weren’t going to have anyone we knew as a witness, but will was at our apartment a few weeks ago, and offered, and who could say no to having those cheekbones in their wedding photos? 

    plus, he just sent me an email that said “i am really excited about this and i am so glad that i sweet talked my way into your nuptials. i think marc is such a find and i am so happy for you.” he was a champion of marc’s pillowy lips from the beginning, even if the three us were once hanging out and will said if i didn’t stop giggling he would punch me. point being: we are pretty excited to have him there, too. 

  5. marc is concerned that my posting these clips could be lessening his public sex appeal, but i assured him that my tumblr audience understands that he is acting for his niece and nephew. plus i think this dancing scene is capturing some realness. sorry about lying that i wasn’t going to publish more of these. the fur looks good though, right?

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  6. lazz:



    This project group will explore and push the rhetorical limits of social media platforms, researching and practicing inventive uses of these composing technologies. Rather than positioning social media as antithetical to critical thinking and attentive rhetorical practice—as is common in mainstream discourse—members of Excitable Media will explore ways that scholars, teachers, and students of rhetoric and writing can use social media to encourage and enact rhetorical and critical reflection.


    As Liz Kinnamon argues in the introduction to #Social Media Anxieties: A Zine on Digital Failure and Attachment, the most popular social media sites—e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—are “becoming calcified” in their own unique structures of feeling: Facebook for announcing life’s successes, Instagram for what were once Kodak moments, and so on. In exploring social media as a ground for rhetorical invention and innovation, Excitable Media will attempt to interrupt this calcification. The primary goal of the group, therefore, is to find out what is possible for students, teachers, and scholars of rhetoric when we re-think the capabilities of social media and the rhetorical uses to which such media might be put. The group’s exploration of this question will help to situate their project within a larger scholarly discourse. However, group members will not only need to consider the question conceptually—they will also be encouraged to experiment with and enact innovative composition practices using social media technologies, perhaps even using social media to report and publish the group’s findings.

    via Digital Writing and Research Lab | University of Texas - Austin

    super cool. i love the name.


  7. ablogthat:

    A Tumblr that probes the eternal question: are we networking right now or fangirling? E.g. This text message exchange between feelingofgaze and start-anywhere about karaj 


    this warms my heart! i’ve been meaning to post about “excitable media”—it’s all in my drafts—i just keep getting lost in weird fashion tumblring. anyway, as you know, i have a lot of love for both of these blogs. and now this new blog, too.    

  8. the “get out of bed” sequence is the last clip i’ll force on you until the final video. marc took his shirt off, in honor of his realist vision, but i reminded him that this work is going to be viewed by his parents, and mine, the first time they meet after just phone calls. plus there are children in the audience. molly and sam think we’re super lazy and want to sleep all the time, and i think this scene does a good job capturing our vibe. 

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  9. it’s a good thing marc went to film school for a few weeks; he set up the camera for the “you guys chilling” video clip his niece asked for. (it’s 2:30 AM, i took more than my usual ativan and still can’t fall asleep, do you think i’m actually anxious?) (is it because my apartment looks more suburban long island home than vogue italia shoot? i don’t think so, and also, a vogue italia shoot of a suburban long island home would obviously be cool.) 

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  10. molly (13), sam (7), and jeff (my age and my future brother-in law) have requested a few video clips from us to edit into the video we requested they make as our wedding present. marc has already rejected some of their edits to our work and refused to dance, but i have been compliant with costume changes. did you know that marc and i have the same glasses—not color, but style—and did before we knew each other?

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