1. "the same old story: not the crime but its heralding turns men page and furious. i know that from my own example. know that we would rather punish the one who names the deed than the one who commits it. in this respect, as in everything else, we are all alike. the difference lies in whether we know it."
    — christa wolf, cassandra. (via batarde)

  2. "much later i realized that a person’s attitude to pain reveals more about his future than almost any other sign i know."
    — christa wolf, cassandra. (via batarde)

  3. "someone buy carrie bradshaw the communist manifesto"

    my feelings on weddings, marxism, bikinis, and real estate in 2010. honestly i hope that girl got her proposal; she facebook friended me recently and i was sad that she was alone in all of her pictures. 

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  4. maybe the first time my mom met marc she said, to me, “i think you’ve been looking for someone to settle down with for a long time.” i was floored, though one of the reasons i didn’t want to go straight to grad school after college was because i was afraid i’d get stuck in some tiny, isolated town where there wouldn’t be anyone to date. even my most encouraging professors told me not to stay in school unless i was sure that i cared about my topic of study more than i cared about anything else in life, which was definitely not the case. then again my topic of study basically is my life, so it seems like it’s all working out pretty well.


    1. m: i like the sound of you chewing your pen.

    1. kj: people always ask me for advice, too, and my situation has always been so weird it's not like i can help.
    2. mh: get the right boyfriend.
    3. kj: i know! that's what i tell them.

    1. my therapist: you're a one-on-one person
    2. and it takes you a long time to trust people.

    1. m: it's not about hard work. it's about good decisions.
    2. i love you so much.
  5. bret easton ellis, lunar park 


    1. m: the counselors loved me at camp.
    2. kj: they loved me too.
    3. m: the kids would be freaking out and i'd just be like, whatever, whenever you guys are done we can go have dessert.
    4. kj: i was like that too.
    5. m: that's why we're soulmates.