1. whiskeybot:

    “…This will not matter, because her parents work in finance, and she has good manners, and she’s going to marry up, and she’s going to get into the movies (not just guest appearances in CSI), and she’s going to launch some clothing lines at Target (no, wait, I think she already did that), and a personal fragrance (I think she did that too), and parlay all her bad press into some self-serious complaints, making good on every opportunity to monetize her career at the expense of making actual art.”

    Here’s the kind of thing a music critic seriously writes when bashing Taylor Swift. This is just after he writes that he doesn’t “get” or “like” her “over-produced” music and what he calls “apparently honest” lyrics. 


    this is amazing. this is by rick moody, who grew up in darien, connecticut and went to a fancy prep school and then to an ivy league college and is probably better known for his 1994-novel-turned-1997-movie the ice storm than for anything else. 

    he also says, “look, i normally only write about things i like, things i care about, but i can’t stop myself here. taylor swift represents what makes me want to die about popular music. she makes me want to die.”

    i normally only write about things i like, too, which includes writing that taylor swift makes rick moody want to die, just like beyonce made some guy hate america. this is so gratifying, even if it’s boring. whenever a male critic says something like “there is nothing in this music that does anything new besides fusing together a mandolin with a programmed drum track” at least i know that something important is happening. 

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