1. mikki showed this book to me and jeanne today. it is full of pictures and the most next level. THE MOST NEXT LEVEL. buy one on ebay. 

    speaking of next level feminist fashion: the three of us saw judy chicago today. she was wearing crushed velvet. so was her husband, who she met after having already been married twice and having made a lot of orgasm-related paintings, and dated for 4 months before marrying. that was 25 years ago. they looked really into their outfits (his embroidered shirt, her wrangler jeans) and each other. i think seeing judy chicago probably needs its own post, but this information couldnt wait. 


    Flo Kennedy. From Wikipedia: Once, to protest the lack of female bathrooms at Harvard, she led a mass urination on the grounds. When asked about this, she said “I’m just a loud-mouthed middle-aged colored lady with a fused spine and three feet of intestines missing and a lot of people think I’m crazy. Maybe you do too, but I never stop to wonder why I’m not like other people. The mystery to me is why more people aren’t like me.”

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  2. who wants to go to LIC with me?

    the show is up through november 14th. 

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    Group Show: Recipes for an Encounter

    Recipes for an Encounter displays historical and contemporary artworks from the 1960s to the present that are characterized by a set of instructions or rules that allow the viewer to be an active participant in the artwork. Often times yielding to chance to determine their outcome, these artworks-as-recipes anticipate an encounter with the unexpected for the viewer/participant. The artists in Recipes for an Encounter – Joseph Beuys, Robert Filliou, Allan Kaprow, Janice Kerbel, Alison Knowles, Suzanne Lacy, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Glenn Lewis, Mads Lynnerup, Yoko Ono, Kristina Lee Podesva and Alan McConchie, Emily Roysdon, Steve Shada and Marisa Jahn, Noam Toran, Matt Volla -invite the viewer to experience for themselves whatever will unfold, take place, and be consumed anew by each participant’s encounter with their work. Recipes for an Encounter contains original written “recipes” as well as historic photographic/videographic documentation of seminal events and performances that took place in the 1960s and ’70s. 

  3. via charlsie: Happy Birthday to Ms. Gloria Steinem! Such an inspiration.


    meltzer: Everything about this picture is basically designed to appeal to my senses. I just love her.

    i once got gloria steinem highlights. for real. they looked amaaaaaaazing. but after having them done once, the colorist moved across the country, to san diego, to be with her boyfriend. there was a moment when i wondered if i should plan a trip.

  4. judy chicago

    "atmospheres,"  performance pieces involving smoke and various pyrotechnical materials, various locations in california, 1967.    

    i am waiting for my copy of Through the Flower, in which chicago talks about how she stopped doing these when the guy she bought the fireworks from sexually harassed her, though was too embarrassed to tell people that was why. then she met a female pyrotechnician and started doing them again.

    THEN she read valerie solanas and became a super-important feminist artist. i love these dreamy pre-radicalized works, though.

  5. (via centerforpublicawesomeness)

    why this is awesome:

    1. rousing. it is rousing.

    2. melanie griffiths body is super hot. in an “i work out once a week doing low-impact aerobics” kind of  way.

    3. i once got to mention the white sneakers in an important ethnography of underground street fashion.

    4. han solo is in it.

    5. carly simon is the best. if you dont believe me, read girls like us. she is totally fucked up in the same way as everyone you know. plus, she never got over james taylor. i bet her kids watch this video and CRINGE. in the midst of a depressing stretch of summer ‘08 marisa said, “i think i feel like carly when she’s at some shitty newsweek job and spending all her money on psychotherapy.” i responded, “i know. like, i might be carly thinking i am drinking 90 calorie shakes but they are 900 calories. its dark.” carly is the ultimate baby boomer mom and also the ultimate proto-90swoman.


  6. "Three years ago, I had my first bikini wax in preparation for my re-performance of Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll"

    this is one of the most compelling opening lines i have ever read and one of the most compelling reasons to get a bikini wax….ever. the rest of the piece is worth reading, too.

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  7. reblogging a reblog

    ha, totally!

    in response to the feminist archiving post below sadydoyle says:

    I maintain that the Feminist Tumblr Archives are going to be about as exciting and confusing as anything that has ever happened. Like, on certain days reading through the Feminist Tumblr Archives will be a lot like watching Courtney Love punch Kathleen Hanna in HD on a loop whilst Germaine Greer is having that sit-down panel with Norman Mailer in the back of the room and the NOFX song “Kill Rock Stars” that is super-gloaty about the punching incident is playing over the stereo with this dude intoning “can’t change the world by blaming men” like he is having a REALLY ORIGINAL THOUGHT WE MUST ALL ATTEND TO and also bell hooks is getting like quietly pissed at her consciousness-raising group and preparing to tell these white upper-middle-class ladies that they need to calm the fuck down about asking for her “solidarity” if they are not going to listen to her at all and meanwhile the BDSM folks are talking about how they got shut out of the women and pornography conference and thusly resolving to demonstrate some feminist BDSM out on the lawn and then someone shows up with a really great picture of their closet organization system! “LIKE.” I myself would enjoy such a closet!

    update: marisa notes the importance of this tag:

    Tagged: and then i show up and i’m like GUYS! how does this relate to ke$ha?, .


  9. awesome things radical feminists did in the 60s

    • proposed that all women wear a uniform that looked like a mcdonalds uniform, except it had a woman power sign embroidered instead of the “M”
    • formed “truth squads” to confront the sexist husbands and boyfriends of women they knew
    • embraced “amazon virginity,” in which “you have sex but don’t take it real seriously”
    • developed a female religion with a rite in which wine and marijuana were sacraments. they also chanted “momma” while tearing apart an enormous, anatomically correct papier mache man

    all of this and more is in alice echols’ book daring to be bad. (and in emails i sent to marisa in 2008 while i was reading it. we still need to make good on our promise to start our own truth squad. watch out.)


  10. the feminist art i most want to see

    last season it was tracey emin “only god knows im good.” this season it is elisabeth subrin “her complusion to repeat" at sue scott gallery through february 26.

    mikki has been encouraging me to see shulie (that’s a shot from the film) for years and im not sure how i havent seen it yet, given that nyu has a copy and that shulamith firestone’s the dialectic of sex is one of my favorite books. (plus, i like the story about the takeover of ladies home journal when shulie dove off the desk at the editor in chief and one of the women who had recently learned karate was able to flip her aside, avoiding disaster. awesome disaster.)

    the press release says: “In her complexly layered and deeply emotional work, Subrin mines the elusive intersections of history and female subjectivity in an effort to excavate and deconstruct both dominant and minor narratives. Investigating the residual impact of recent social movements, the nature of evidence, and the poetics of psychological ‘disorder,’ Subrin’s projects rarely take the same form, working across narrative, documentary and conceptual art practices and production models. Her Compulsion to Repeat is organized around one of her primary preoccupations—the repetition and re-enactment of primal scenes from the past.”

    its basically all of my interests in one show. cant wait.

    (thanks to rkb.)