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    angela simione, i will not die in front of you, hand-crocheted sweater 

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  2. "like many others before me, i propose that instead the goal is to lose one’s way, and indeed to be prepared to lose more than one’s way. losing, we may agree with elizabeth bishop, is an art, and one “that is not too hard to master / though it may look like a disaster."
    — j. halberstam, the queer art of failure (via ibik23)

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  3. feminist permission slips to feel how you feel! i actually love to be asked how i am feeling or even, as my dad asks me some mornings, “how is your head today?” particularly if the other person’s reaction is not disingenuous or dismissive or disdainful or angry or incredulous or condescending, or otherwise manipulative or controlling, but some version of ”your feelings are valid and understandable.” also, if someone can come up with a slightly cooler way to say "what do you need?" i would be really into that, too. you have to create a whole atmosphere for that one to work, though. like this.  

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  4. "…it is a question of becoming. people always think of a majoritarian future (when i am grown up, when i have power). whereas the problem is that of a minoritarian-becoming, not pretending, not playing or imitating the child, the madman, the woman, the animal, the stammerer or the foreigner, but becoming all these, in order to invent new forces or new weapons."
    — deleuze, a conversation: what is it? what is it for? 
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    lydia lunch’s installation at maccarone gallery, 2011 


  6. "minor literature[’s]…cramped space forces each individual intrigue to connect immediately to politics. the individual concern thus becomes all the more necessary, indispensable, magnified, because a whole other story is vibrating in it…there is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor."
    — deleuze and guattari, kafka: toward a minor literature 
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    elissa goldstone, untitled (we heart)

  8. so bennett posted this the other day and it poses such a good question: what is the most important aimee mann to discuss/ventriloquize during therapy? this was my favorite and most relevant song in 1995. but this is a serious contender. there is no best line because they all are, but "so i wasn’t thinking clearly/so you didn’t think at all" captures something that i’m not sure anyone else does. 

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    Koo Jeong-A

    “Space is just everywhere, like home, I try to be aware of space to prove that human beings can feel at one with the space created by an architect but at the same time can think beyond it. My works involve a great deal of time - the time to make them, identify them and then to understand them for yourself.”

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    tracey emin, i keep believing in you, 2010 

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