1. lepidoptrix:



    Just for reference,  this interview is the source of my two favorite taylor swift gifs and also the source of the most succinct dismissal of John Mayer’s man-feelings in history

    it’s really stupid that middle-aged dude music reviewers like to claim taylor swift does not capture what it’s like to be a young woman when she has so succinctly summarized my experience and feelings on concerned emails

    “oh come on.”

    perfect snotty princess/eyeroll queen

    i just put those on my tumblr. 

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  3. this is only the second best email that my father sent me tonight. 

  4. (curate:ranaa)

    lydia lunch’s installation at maccarone gallery, 2011 


  5. whateverjeanne:

    here’s just one more idea i had. about google+. will it help me streamline my dispersed and deranged interwebbings into a feminist epistolary novel? no. so, ok then here’s the better idea. gotothehall.com or just #gtth. it’s like tevs but meaner. finally. kara has good ideas a lot. i usually take them on as my own. that’s a feminist thing. #dealwithit. also michelle tea wrote something today about femme identity and fashion and working and actually going to the hall is in it. 

    i wish jeanne would hysterically tumblr everyday so i could hysterically reblog. 


  6. whateverjeanne:

    i’m sorry you never received my mix tape. it seems suspect though. does mail really get lost anymore? what you’re missing out on is an emotional rollercoaster starring the butchies, carrie underwood and bon iver. that’s one of my many irrelevant talents. putting things together that don’t belong. you don’t have to worry about being my soul mate after all. i sent that letter to three people and you were the last to respond. bestsparkler said of course we’re soulmates, bro, why are you even asking me this? and that’s why bestsparkler is the actual best sparkler. 

    i love an angry letter that starts with a faux apology and then launches into a critique. bringing up emotional rollercoasters is a total feel-good strategy. also, comparing the recipient to his better. although comparing anyone to bestsparkler is a little unfair only because best sparkler is the actual best. 


  7. whateverjeanne:

    dear feminists,

    according to the interweb it will be 97 on friday. i have temper tantrums in the heat. that is bad for feminism. should we have the meeting in the dept where it’s icy cold? please advise.

    sincerely,a pre-perimenopausal friend of yours

    feminist collectivity is not about anger, but it is about invoking hysteria, the essentialized female body, feminine frailty, and hallways. 

  8. not to brag, but writing incisive, exhaustive angry letters is among my very limited and random skills, which include hearing a makeup artist say that women should never wear translucent powder and knowing that is a magazine-worthy beauty tip; or that when anna wintour asks in an interview if you will be able to attend events in the evening that she really wants to know which neighborhood you live in and you just have to assure her it’s soho to get the job; and hopefully something that has to do with sex. 

    last semester i wrote about the angry letters in the readykeulous show, which exhibited in exhilarating, excruciating detail the many modes of queer and feminist anger, the loudly or quietly desperate ways in which outsider subjects try over and over, with different formal strategies, to get what they want. today i will be like carolee schneemann and near-politely simmer! tomorrow i will use seriality and ventriloquism, like catherine lord, to make my point! at least you get “art” out of it.

    in a gallery full of written missives, visual manifestoes, and other forms of fuck you, k8 hardy’s angry letter, above, was the angriest of all. i love the way she deploys an amateur aesthetics to evoke the cycle that keeps queer and feminist artists unprofessional; i love how the memo form conjures the barely-contained resentment of would-be-artists-moonlighting-as-secretaries-slash-wives-of-famous artists; i love that she says her work is “rad as hell.” sometimes i don’t think so, but this totally is. 

    as barbara pointed out to me, there is an entire relevant genealogy of aestheticized pissed-off epistolary communications, like adrian piper’s calling cards or kara walker’s letters from a black girl. or like chris kraus’s i love dick, which jeanne wrote about on her tumblr just as i was writing this.