1. karaj:

    No one’s fated or doomed to love anyone. 
    The accidents happen, we’re not heroines, 
    they happen in our lives like car crashes, 
    books that change us, neighborhoods
    we move into and come to love. 
    Tristan und Isolde is scarcely the story, 
    women at least should know the difference
    between love and death. No poison cup, 
    no penance. Merely a notion that the tape-recorder
    should have caught some ghost of us: that tape-recorder
    not merely played but should have listened to us, 
    and could instruct those after us: 
    this we were, this is how we tried to love, 
    and these are the forces they had ranged against us, 
    and theses are the forces we had ranged within us, 
    within us and against us, against us and within us. 

    —from adrienne rich’s 21 love poems


    this is my favorite stanza, poem, love poem, name of a book, and tone, of all time. 

  2. karaj:

    "i didn’t separate my art from my body; it was just another part of it." 

    —hannah wilke 

  3. womanhouse:

    from Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-1970


  4. the other night marc told me that the bar where we started our first date was closing. at first i was #saverevel, but then he said he was glad, we already had our memories there and it’s fine with him if no one else gets to, “it can burn down,” and that made a lot of sense to me and i probably said “totally,” and then we fell asleep. 

  5. elanormcinerney:

    Laura Mullen | The Tales of Horror [A Flip-Book]
    Alice Notley | Introducing Carthage | Songs and Stories of the Ghouls

  6. —laia 


  10. i went to kanye west’s 33rd birthday party in the private room at the spotted pig. for the entirety of our relationship jon would bring it up and say “i’m really glad i could take you to that” or “i’m really glad you got to experience that” and then look at me and wait, as long as it took, until i said “yes, thank you for taking me” and then keep looking at me, and keep waiting, so i could thank him a little bit more. 

    the ridiculousness of this exercise was compounded by the fact that another friend had invited me to the party in front of him. i didn’t need jon to give me kanye’s birthday; i would have been there any way. he regularly reminded me how much he disliked that friend, who he met for all of five minutes, and who i haven’t seen since. 

    today, on saturday, may 24th at 10:26 AM, i finished paying off all of my credit card debt. when marc handed me a check two nights ago he said “i hope this isn’t patriarchal” and, when i said thank you, “you don’t have to thank me; it’s our debt.” he asked me how much the total was, and i told him, and he said “so you still have walking around money! that’s great.” 

    i am sure it is bad form to compare boyfriends, and naive politics not to. forget the past at the risk to everyone’s mental health. anyway, i have the kim and kanye wedding as an excuse. do you know how it feels to be out of thousands of dollars of credit card debt? me neither, it hasn’t totally hit me yet. but the first thing i did with the walking around money was pay for our lunch for the first time in months, obviously.