1. so far, on the annual san diego vacation, i have discussed the barney’s salesgirl whose schedule i memorized so that i can ensure she always gets the commission on my purchases; a nuanced theory about why bloomingdale’s failed in dallas as neiman marcus thrived; the cost of manicures and pedicures in different cities and the regularity with which they need to take place; plus eye cream, lipstick, the nordstrom shoe department, and that i’m “not a dessert person,” twice. marc and i babysat, extensively, which included explaining what keggers are, congratulating his 13-year-old niece for choosing to bet on a female jockey the day we went to the racetrack, and praying that the children wouldn’t ask any questions when beyoncé's “partition” came on the radio. sam, who is seven, didn't understand if i am officially “logged in” as part of the family. i said that i am logged in, and that it's almost official. 

    we also discussed the minutiae of our relationship at the pool, at dinner, in the jacuzzi. many of my friends and family members are against marriage, or against diamond rings, or even a little bit against me, so i wasn’t prepared for a week and a half of this kind of indulgence. marc’s family has asked us questions and listened to us talk about the details and theory behind the proposal; our plans for a second home; and marc suggesting i get my ears re-pierced, though i haven’t worn earrings in years, because it would be easier for him to buy me presents. his mom even laughed, and, later, when talking about the hotel in positano we stayed at on our engagement trip, said, “it took me 35 years to get to le sireneuse” and then, sincerely, “i’m in awe.” 

    later, we got the same champagne we drank during that week in italy, and marc’s brother said he hopes that all of our dreams come true, including those we haven’t dreamt yet. it was a lovely and appropriate toast for people who have never really thought about any of this. or at least for me. 

    a friend of mine, recently deciding between two men who were courting her, said of one: “he’s offering me what your fiancé is offering you. a whole world.” 

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  2. "woolf often conceives of life this way: as a gift that you’ve been given, which you must hold onto and treasure but never open. opening it would dispel the atmosphere, ruin the radiance—and the radiance of life is what makes it worth living. it’s hard to say just what holding onto life without looking at it might mean; that’s one of the puzzles of her books. but it has something to do with preserving life’s mystery; with leaving certain things undescribed, unspecified, and unknown; with savoring certain emotions, such as curiosity, surprise, desire, and anticipation. it depends on an intensified sense of life’s preciousness and fragility, and on a heisenberg-like notion that, when it comes to our most abstract and spiritual intuitions, looking too closely changes what we feel. it has to do, in other words, with a kind of inner privacy, by means of which you shield yourself not just from others’ prying eyes, but from your own. call it an artist’s sense of privacy."

    joshua rothman’s new yorker essay on virginia woolf’s idea of privacy is the best thing i’ve read in ages. 

    It rings especially poignant in the context of her own conflicted inner life, from her exuberant appreciation of the world’s beauty to her intense capacity for love to the deathly despair of her suicide letter.

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  3. on our two year anniversary, an email exchange from 7/2/12

    1. lg: what are you wearing for your dattteeee tonite?
    2. kj: i am not wearing anything fancy. i literally put no effort into my outfits. im wearing the same thing i wore on friday. its, like, a tube dress over a tight dress and gold miu miu heels. i think i wore this outfit all weekend actually.
    3. lg: dude, your no effort is probably the best theyve ever seen a woman in their entire life. its like a gift, really.
  4. new tablet to take pictures with, old dress i yelled at the cops in. 

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  5. for the josé muñoz lover/mourner in your life. but not for barbara, tavia, karen, or ann, because i already got it for them. here

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  6. hi!

    oh so i was stalking yr tumblr just now and reading it backwards, the parts about marc telling you to bring an umbrella first and then the one about having an umbrella at josé’s memorial second; that one-two made me cry. 
    and so instead of crying at my desk at 10p on a friday night, sigh: are you doing OK?  i imagine you studied with josé and have heard he could be super-crabby, but also i imagine he was lovely sometimes and so i hope you are OK. for truth. let me know if there is anything i can do. also i am really glad you and marc are so moony for each other, that is the best.
    mostly i hope you are good. i think you are graduating in 2014? and i am super proud of you.
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  7. i made fun of someone on the radio who was talking about how he and his wife had bought an ornament for their first tree, but when marc came home and said that’s what we were supposed to do—“we’re making traditions or something”—i got to work. i thought i was going to have to explain the symbolism of the house, but he said, “it’s for our new apartment.” it is also for the second house, someday, in vermont or northampton or maybe somewhere beachier. he was telling me about this idea at dinner one night and i said it sounded nice and he said, “no, kara, i’m making a promise to you. we will have a house outside the city for our family some day.” for friends, i’m sure, too. 


    1. as: also, i don’t think you should worry about xmas gifts for marc
    2. you are his gift and he knows it
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    "She did not mind it because she understood it: it was part of the price of being Gertrude."

    —Randall Jarrell, Pictures from a Institution

  9. wendy chun has our politics. last night, at barnard, she explained that in order to work “our computers constantly leak. they are wonderfully creepy” and showed how both machines and women online are figured as promiscuous—making too many connections, telling and showing too much. but instead of fighting for the right to privacy, “we have to fight for the right to be vulnerable and not be attacked.” this is “less a politics of forgetting than a politics of forgiving,” she said. it is “the gesture of the gift.”