1. new tablet to take pictures with, old dress i yelled at the cops in. 

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  2. for the josé muñoz lover/mourner in your life. but not for barbara, tavia, karen, or ann, because i already got it for them. here

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  3. hi!

    oh so i was stalking yr tumblr just now and reading it backwards, the parts about marc telling you to bring an umbrella first and then the one about having an umbrella at josé’s memorial second; that one-two made me cry. 
    and so instead of crying at my desk at 10p on a friday night, sigh: are you doing OK?  i imagine you studied with josé and have heard he could be super-crabby, but also i imagine he was lovely sometimes and so i hope you are OK. for truth. let me know if there is anything i can do. also i am really glad you and marc are so moony for each other, that is the best.
    mostly i hope you are good. i think you are graduating in 2014? and i am super proud of you.
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  4. i made fun of someone on the radio who was talking about how he and his wife had bought an ornament for their first tree, but when marc came home and said that’s what we were supposed to do—“we’re making traditions or something”—i got to work. i thought i was going to have to explain the symbolism of the house, but he said, “it’s for our new apartment.” it is also for the second house, someday, in vermont or northampton or maybe somewhere beachier. he was telling me about this idea at dinner one night and i said it sounded nice and he said, “no, kara, i’m making a promise to you. we will have a house outside the city for our family some day.” for friends, i’m sure, too. 


    1. as: also, i don’t think you should worry about xmas gifts for marc
    2. you are his gift and he knows it
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    "She did not mind it because she understood it: it was part of the price of being Gertrude."

    —Randall Jarrell, Pictures from a Institution

  6. wendy chun has our politics. last night, at barnard, she explained that in order to work “our computers constantly leak. they are wonderfully creepy” and showed how both machines and women online are figured as promiscuous—making too many connections, telling and showing too much. but instead of fighting for the right to privacy, “we have to fight for the right to be vulnerable and not be attacked.” this is “less a politics of forgetting than a politics of forgiving,” she said. it is “the gesture of the gift.” 

  7. i bought sarah mccarry’s “google, motherfucker” for marc for his birthday but then i never got it framed, so we got it framed together, and now it’s in my office. he still doesn’t know about the birthday part. 

  8. marc’s parents got us exactly the kind of protection i wanted. 


  9. "…the internet has always and simultaneously been a gift economy and an advanced capitalist economy."
    — tiziana terranova, network culture: politics for the information age