1. i dreamt about tracey emin last night

    so its appropriate to post an image of “everyone i have ever slept with” (1995). which literally names everyone she has ever slept with. it was big news in england when it turned out that emin had not actually had sex with all of these people. (“tracey emin has revealed…she is not as promiscuous as previously assumed,” said one newspaper.)

    last winter i wrote a paper that touched on how emin and freud share a conception of the body as both interdependent and vulnerable.

    "For Emin, part of the vulnerability of the body is this unpredictable conversion of affection into sexuality and vice versa; the ways in which people are not only dependent on one another, but dependent in ways that they can’t foresee…Emin’s evocation of the vulnerability of the defenseless, sleeping body gestures…towards a more ambient vulnerability: a neediness both infantile and ongoing that is related to sexuality but doesn’t always manifest as sexuality, at least not in the socially legible sense." 

    it is amusing to think about this just hours after being characterized as surprisingly vulnerable, despite a persona with a “mild chill.”


  2. "I have never made a zine. I did not read Sassy. I have never written words on my own body. I have no tattoos. I listened to Le Tigre before I ever listened to Bikini Kill."
    — realchild on her 90swoman experience. i could read posts like this and this all day. radically vulnerable confession: despite a book and blog about the 90s and feminism, i listened to le tigre first, too.
  3. i know i said my teen obsessions were boys and lesbian musicians, but i also loved the mall and feminism. that pretty much covers it.

    “This next song was written because there’s all different kinds of ways people resist. You might look at a girl and go ‘Oh, she’s not a feminist, because she looks like a mall girl.’ Like ‘She wears Limited clothes, so she doesn’t exist,’ or something like that. And that’s bullshit because we’re all in difference places right now.”



  4. girls vs. boys on 90s nostalgia

    so, over at 90swoman, i got gwen-stefani-style mad about some casually sexist stuff that some guys have said on tumblr about miss world, the real 90s, and a particularly female brand of 90s nostalgia.

    now im drinking a $3 beer! (so jane magazine.) ditmas park is great, you guys.


  5. omg, marisa, are you reading this?! MEMORIES. “I wrote it about an ex-boyfriend, of course.”

    i wish we could go back to that summer for 5 minutes, or 5 hours, maybe for charles aaron telling us you only get to do something really cool every few years or that time we had to decompress at cold stone creamery or talking to xtina at that french restaurant about chia pet. doesnt that seem like such a long time ago?



  7. due to popular demand (well, one person), i just un-password-protected our tumblr from our emp presentation. its not in any real order—just a bunch of posts that are somehow related to our thoughts about girls, bedrooms, technology, the 90s, now. that means there is lots of courtney love, kirsten dunst, girls laying on beds, and posters of boy bands. enjoy!

    more on emp at 90swoman, starting with a post about what the 90s were like for girls not cool enough to listen to riot grrrl. pretty into the comments thus far.


  8. and i like to save love notes for posterity. i love you too, marisa.

  9. i want this tattoo. like, bad.

    (via suicideblonde)

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