1. —jay mcinerney, bright lights, big city, 1984

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  2. "well, the fashion industry is not a hotbed of feminist practice. it’s just not. but it’s also a place where women traditionally could succeed, where women held extremely high positions long before they did elsewhere."

    kim france, formerly of sassy and lucky magazines, among others, in an interview with bitch magazine

    she also says: “one thing is that you learn that, in the end, shit’s still run by men. at the very tippy top, it’s still run by men. one of the things i realized in my career was that you can break the rules and be seen as a maverick, but you still always have to play the game. and you still have to suck up to the guys in corporate, in an incredibly retrograde, mad men style. i don’t want to say that with bitterness, because that was the reality. it was just the reality. that to me was kind of amazing, to see that we’ve come an enormously long way [but also see] incredibly powerful women—brilliant, running huge things—just flirt like little girls with powerful men because they needed to. and they didn’t want to sleep with these men, they just had to pump these men’s egos up. i don’t disrespect them for that; that’s part of the game. that was kind of poignant.”


  4. "you’re not acting the way you told me you would feel about it."
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  5. same old bikini, but new poolside scene at the water club at borgata, featuring already-tan bachelorettes, grandmothers with their walkers, and a techno version of “forever young.” i got my nails done at the spa by a woman who said that clients requested more exciting manicures in the 90s, and that revel, probably my favorite hotel and casino in atlantic city, is closing at the end of august. it was the second place i saw rihanna and the first place i ever felt generous towards burlesque; the pop music is so good and so loud and i have had mild epiphanies to it. i was a little bit bereft and #saverevel. marc shrugged and said “survival of the fittest.” brutal


  6. womanhouse:


    What Would Twitter Do?



    After the last book came out, I needed to calibrate things offline, and go back to having a private life, to mourn or complain or read privately for a while. Writer friends or online friends or people who like reading me will still often write me and say they miss my online presence—which is nice, but also a strange feeling, like you don’t exist if you’re not on social media, or that your online presence is what they read of you. There’s this pressure to be continually writing on the Internet in order to stay a writer. But I kind of like the feeling of being invisible, of not existing for a while. I think I’ve been interested lately in a poetics of anonymity, a performance of invisibility. Maybe that’s why I like twitter accounts that immolate themselves and are performative/ephemeral. Like I think Kafka would have been really brilliant at twitter, but he would have had 40 followers and would have been disgusted with himself and quit it often.

    "I certainly never had a lot of Twitter followers, and I think noticing who was following me or unfollowing me based on something I wrote depressed me in small yet critical ways, or made me think of writing something to appeal to more readers—which I found poisonous as a writer—all that sort of currency, or thinking of being a writer as publishing, or as being an author, or as having cultural capital, instead of as reading and writing. Also feeling a fixed identity—a box—and I felt like I was not able to change or refine ideas or be in the process of becoming. That’s why I quit the online world, for now."

    Kate Zambreno talking about twitter on The Believer.

    "poetics of anonymity" // "performance of invisibility"


  7. it took us a 15 minute ferry ride to plan our wedding, an hour on a sunday to plan (and book) our honeymoon, and one minute to decide to tell marc’s parents who want to get us gifts to donate money elsewhere instead. one of the things i have always found most disgusting about marriage is the demand for presents, which also seem like a great privilege not to need and to be able to decide are unnecessary, immediately. quick decisions, in general, feel like a luxury. anyway, i’m thinking maybe our bodies, ourselves and the callen-lorde community health center and is there some other experimental, radical feminist health organization that is trying to make sure we don’t all end up like shulie? i also like marc’s idea that people can give to an organization that helps give minoritarian groups—poor kids, really—access to the internet.

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  8. we’re supposed to just go to city hall, but i would love to ponder what it would be like having barbara browning officiate my wedding. aliza—whose dissertation she is now directing, creating possibly the most gratifying triangulation of my life—could be the witness. 


  10. i went to kanye west’s 33rd birthday party in the private room at the spotted pig. for the entirety of our relationship jon would bring it up and say “i’m really glad i could take you to that” or “i’m really glad you got to experience that” and then look at me and wait, as long as it took, until i said “yes, thank you for taking me” and then keep looking at me, and keep waiting, so i could thank him a little bit more. 

    the ridiculousness of this exercise was compounded by the fact that another friend had invited me to the party in front of him. i didn’t need jon to give me kanye’s birthday; i would have been there any way. he regularly reminded me how much he disliked that friend, who he met for all of five minutes, and who i haven’t seen since. 

    today, on saturday, may 24th at 10:26 AM, i finished paying off all of my credit card debt. when marc handed me a check two nights ago he said “i hope this isn’t patriarchal” and, when i said thank you, “you don’t have to thank me; it’s our debt.” he asked me how much the total was, and i told him, and he said “so you still have walking around money! that’s great.” 

    i am sure it is bad form to compare boyfriends, and naive politics not to. forget the past at the risk to everyone’s mental health. anyway, i have the kim and kanye wedding as an excuse. do you know how it feels to be out of thousands of dollars of credit card debt? me neither, it hasn’t totally hit me yet. but the first thing i did with the walking around money was pay for our lunch for the first time in months, obviously.